Monday, May 23, 2011

Holy cRapture Harry Predicted Another Rapture

Holy cRapture/ Harry predicted another rapture,
This time in October / Are we sure that he's sober
Cause the last one was just over
And who will believe him / Do his gray eyes deceive him
Plus, what when this one fails? / And the false prophet finally bails
With all his ill-gotten loot / Not bad for a wrinkled up, old koot

Sorry, I was trying to write in very bad verse, the way NostraDumbAss or some of the other mystics of yore once did. Harry, you don't get a DO-OVER. You know you ain't got a snowball's chance in hell of being right. You're just trying to dump your stocks and rip off the rubes one more time before they lynch you. Or maybe you're hoping to die before then.

See you in October, and this time you better put your own money up with a bookie in Vegas. And we aren't letting you triple down and push it off until December 31st, when you get it wrong in October.

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