Sunday, May 22, 2011

The only Judgment that got passed....

It was Judgment Day on May 21st, for Harold Camping and his Family Radio freakshow, who were judged to be charlatans and fools in the eyes of the world for confidently promoting the falsehood that the world would end. Some people are claiming that they spent in the neighborhood of $100 million on their media campaign promoting their silly ideas. However, one wonders how much they made as well. These individuals did attempt to cash in, in various ways, selling t-shirts, and other merchandise, as well as soliciting donations. While I doubt that they broke even, I suspect that some, especially at the top, profited from false prophecy. Harold, I think you know that the Bible doesn't look kindly upon false prophets. Was it really worth it to throw your credibility away like that...or what you had left of it, since you made similar predictions in 1994? I guess time and IRS tax returns will tell.

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