Monday, May 23, 2011

Harold NostraDumbAss Camping Says Judgment Was Spiritual

Just as I predicted, the False Prophet Harold Camping claimed that the World was Judged on May 21st, 2011, but only in a spiritual sense. Yeah, that's the ticket. I had already suggested that he would claim that christians were invisibly raptured and replaced by exact look-alikes, to fool us, so unbelievers would think it didn't happen. God is apparently really sneaky like that. This is the same logic that anti-evolutionists use to argue that God and/or Satan planted phony fossils with phony radio-isotopic dating to "fool us" into thinking that the Earth is billions of years old. Sorry, Harry, even many of your gullible followers won't be fooled again.

Hey, I've got another BS line you can use. When you said "May" 21st, you really meant it "may" or "may not" happen. Oh yeah. That's a good lie, isn't it. The funny thing about bible "literalists" is that every time they get caught in a lie they say, "Aw shucks, I didn't mean that *literally*. I just meant it figuratively/spiritually." Yeah right. I guess Adam and Eve and Noah and Jesus can't be taken literally. They are just figurative. Hey, maybe the whole apocalypse thing is "figurative". How does he know it's real when he admits that the rapture is only "spiritual". What a fraud this Camping guy is.

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