Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Can't allow rape exception because women just lie

This is what it's come to with the unmitigated craziness that is right-wing religious fanaticism. Indiana Rep. Eric Turner believes that we cannot allow abortions in cases of rape or incest because then women will simply all lie and say they were raped. Yeah, maybe some would, so I guess that means we should further victimize the legitimate rape victims by accusing them of being liars as well. People lie about lots of things in law. People might lie about being mugged too, but I don't see people concluding that, therefore we should do away with laws to prevent mugging.

Besides, if they don't want the pregnancy that badly, perhaps it should tell you something, Mr. Turner. It should tell you that forcing them to be mothers against their will would be a phenomenally bad idea. It should tell you that these unwilling mothers will produce unwanted, uncared for children. It should tell you that, in your absolutist quest to force them to do this against their will, you are creating a police state. After all, are we really going to investigate every case of rape and determine its authenticity first. Better to just assume they are all guilty of lying until proven innocent , eh?

Anti-abortionism is the real excuse, not rape. It is not an honest, legitimate issue, but rather a self-righteous smokescreen. It is nothing but a political buzzword meant to smuggle the trojan horse of fundamentalist theocracy into American law. Politicians know that they cannot really stop it or even outlaw it in the US. They would be voted out of office, because the majority of our nation does not reside in the Bible Belt. Yet we have to continue playing this silly, time-wasting charade. Why should women have to come up with excuses? They don't have to come up with an excuse for why they are pregnant in the first place. This isn't Egypt .... yet ... where virginity tests are administered to women on the street to make sure they are not prostitutes. They shouldn't have to come up with an excuse, because it is not the business of Turner or anyone else. They only choose to make it their business because they are bullying, in-your-face evangelicals, who like nothing better in life than forcing others to believe as they do.

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