Monday, May 23, 2011

Harold NostraDumbAss Camping Says Rapture Coming in October

Well Harold Camping has finally spoken out his NostraDumbAss and, rather than apologizing, and admitting his error, he has done what so many fanatics do instead. He has doubled down and re-predicted that the Holy cRapture will occur in October of this year. Webs of lies have ways of getting thicker and thicker. His current failed prophecy has lead him to now make another one which is almost certain to fail and which is based upon absolutely no credible evidence. The most notable recent evidence against is the fact that he called it wrong two days ago. He now wants to continue to terrorize the world with his religious extremism and his extermination of human life fantasies. This is truly sick, but it is also something that I predicted. See, I have a better record of prophecy than Camping, but perhaps that is because I do not rely upon the stone age nonsense which comprises the majority of the Bible. You know the saying that one of our former presidents struggled mightily with, "fool me once....."

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