Wednesday, May 25, 2011

People died because of Harold Camping's BS

According to news reports, an obviously mentally disturbed believer named Lyn Benedetto attempted to cut the throats of her two daughters to spare them from the "apocalypse". The same report claims that an elderly Taiwanese man jumped out of a building to his death, believing that doomsday was near. Of course Harold Camping did not force these people to drink his Koolaid. However, his poisonous rhetoric, obsessed with the glorification of divine violence, was toxic enough to scare clearly unstable people into harming themselves and others.

Yet for Harold it is all just a game. He hasn't apologized, and instead of admitting that he was wrong, he has retreated back into infantile apologetics, claiming that God's judgment was spiritual and metaphorical, instead of literal. But the spiritual and the non-existent look very much alike. One wonders how Camping can tell that an invisible, spiritual event took place at all. The answer is, of course, that he cannot. He is lying like a five-year-old caught with his hand in the cookie jar, his face smeared with chocolate and cookie crumbs. Blaming the invisible ghost of Cookie Monster for the stolen cookies isn't likely to convince too many parents. His equally ridiculous religious excuses shouldn't persuade even the most eager of Christian believers.

Just remember that, after laughing at Camping, that some of you still believe that the "invisible Substance" of the Eucharist (in a non-detectable, non-physical, spiritual sense) becomes the "body and blood of Christ". The whole idea of the "soul" was invented when people realized that physical bodies just aren't durable enough to last forever, and certainly a physical body couldn't burn forever in hell. Think of all the completely undetectable things you believe in, including God himself, while you having your little chuckle at Harry Camping for being such a nut.

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