Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Baptist President Say Atonement "only in Jesus"

Yesterday it was reported that Southern Baptist Theological Seminary President Albert Mohler told Jewish Congressman Anthony Weiner that he needs to turn to Jesus, because Mohler stated that atonement is "found only in Jesus Christ". Apparently Mohler has never heard of Yom Kippur, or perhaps he thought it was some kind of spicy ethnic food dish. Back in reality, sir, Yom Kippur means "Day of Atonement". Of course, Mohler cannot really be as ignorant as he sounds. I'm sure that he has both heard of Yom Kippur and knows what it actually means. He just denies its theological efficacy. However, it is based upon the same ancient holy writings and traditions from which Christianity is derived . Jesus himself is depicted as fasting and praying in much the same way that Jews still do today on High Holy Days.

There are also a few other things upon which Mohler appears to be confused, and apparently needs some help figuring out. To begin with, I just want to remind him that "Christ" is not the last name of Jesus. He might be Jesus THE Christ, if you ignore the Bible's criteria for Messiahship. However, he was not the only person designated a messiah in the Bible.

More importantly, he might want to check with Jesus before referring Weiner to him. See, I did my own prayer interview with Jesus last night, and if I heard the Lord correctly, as my spiritual mentor Pat Robertson might say, Jesus told me that even He did not want to see Weiner's junk in a towel. He asked me to pass on to Mohler that, while in theory Jesus loves everyone, "I'm just not into Tony that way. Sorry dawg, but DAMN!" He then told me that he was changing his number to prevent Weiner from sexting him. Perhaps if Mohler would check with the guy up stairs before running his mouth then he would produce more accurate public comments.

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