Monday, June 13, 2011

Nostradumbass fails to predict his own stroke

Harold Camping, the octagenarian false prophet of Family Radio fame, who goaded his followers to spend $100 million promoting the incorrect view that the world would end on May 21st, 2011 apparently failed to predict something else today -- his own stroke. Camping, the front-runner for the 2011 Nostradumbass Award from this site, has padded his lead for that accolade by failing to foresee a comparatively easy to predict event in his own immediate future. After all, even a medical examination probably would have given some indication of an impending stroke. You don't need to count up all the jots and tittles in Leviticus and divide by the square root of Bible pi (you know, 3) to figure out that that you're probably going to have a stroke if your blood pressure is through the roof. Of course, it should go without saying, which means that I'll have to say it anyway, but I certainly don't wish any ill health upon Mr. Camping. Some religious types, however, are a bit more judgmental, and will likely see this as God's clear and direct punishment of Camping for his obviously bogus teachings, and his transparent attempts to lie about it afterward, insisting that he was (1) not wrong and (2) not responsible for misleading his followers into spending their life savings on his bogus predictions.

It might be possible that his own guilty conscience is responsible for some of the stress that lead up to this event. However, again, this is hardly impossible to predict. Even I, with no divine powers whatsoever, predicted that Camping would use ridiculous apologetics to explain away the failure of his prediction and I also predicted that he was banking on the possibility that he would not be alive in few months when he has re-predicted the end of the world. He is on track to fulfill that prophecy with this latest incident, which will be too bad, because I would like him to live long enough to see that prophecy fail too and perhaps even to be sued or indicted for the scam that he perpetrated.

By the way, I hope this guy doesn't go to the hospital for treatment, because the Bible teaches that faith-healing is sufficient to fix you right up. This guy should have the courage of his convictions, and show us whether he really believes the swill he's slinging by refusing to use modern medicine. If he is miraculously cured, that might help to rehabilitate his reputation.

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