Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weiner shouldn't throw in the towel

It's hard to tell who is more pathetic, Anthony and his Weiner, or the right-wing holy-warriors who have been ridiculously trying to crucify him over pictures that are mainly PG rated. I mean Republicans like Senator Vitter were caught banging prostitutes while married. Weiner boy takes a picture of himself wrapped in a towel and it's manufactured into a scandal. It's not like there is a sex tape. That's how the rest of our celebrities roll. There is no indication that Anthony stuck the Weiner into anything other than his own wife. It's not like he's Tiger Woods or anything, though he apparently has checked himself into sext-a-holics anonymous, taking a page out of the Tiger playbook. However, at least the media didn't have to wildly exaggerate Tiger's serial philandering. In Weiner's case they seem determined to create the illusion of philandering with the wave of a magic towel. Clearly Anthony has some issues, and probably should talk to a sex therapist about his freak little over-exposure fetish. However, it's hard to believe that this is anything other than intentional weiner roasting by a media who believes that they can embarrass a person into reversing the results of an election.

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