Monday, June 6, 2011

A man's bare chest is pornography?!!

Gosh, if a picture of a man with a bare chest is pornographic, as some right-wing religious hypocrites are suggesting, in the case of Anthony Weiner, then apparently almost every man in America is guilty of the same crime. I walked outside without a shirt this morning to take the garbage out to the curb. Who knew that I was guilty of the same epic "scandal" that is now being fabricated around US Representative Anthony Weiner. Have you ever seen a crucifix -- you know the ones with Jesus on a cross. More pornography, eh? I'm sure there are loads of Christians offended by Jesus's bare chest and loin cloth, right? Not so much.

How about going to any beach? You'll see a lot of bare chests there too. You might even see the fully clothed bulging crotches. And people of all ages go to a beach. There are women in skimpy bikinis, men in speedos, and even young children. Is anyone scandalized by this? Are you scandalized when you go to a gym? Maybe if this were 1811 instead of 2011. Maybe if it were Afghanistan or Saudi Arabia, instead of the United States of America. Get real, people. All the current evidence about Mr. Weiner's conduct suggests that this is a manufactured scandal. It is a mole hill in search of a mountain. If this is all the better that his opponents can do then why should we give them the time of day?

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