Monday, June 20, 2011

Religious Extremist Tyree would "give up" superbowl catch to block gay marriage

David Tyree, the former NY Giants receiver, whose only real claim to fame was a lucky catch in the 2007 Superbowl, says that he would give up that catch if it would stop gay marriage in New York State from becoming law. Of course, this is an easy claim to make when, lacking a time machine, it is impossible to change this past event. It is simply another empty pledge that Tyree is making in an attempt to force his religious standards upon other people.

One will recall that Tyree did not always live up to the alleged Christian standards that he now claims to profess. He admits that throughout his teen years he was always partying, drinking, and getting high. That ultimately led Tyree to a jail sentence when he was caught with a half pound of marijuana in his car. However, he now claims to be a changed man, and has found religion.

Which means that he has now decided that everyone else needs to believe like he does. He now claims that gay marriage will lead to anarchy. His years as a drug dealer, under-age drinker, etc apparently didn't cause the country to slide toward anarchy, so it's not clear why gay marriage would. At least that is something that people are doing when they're sober.

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