Saturday, June 11, 2011

Gawd doesn't want Weiners to Pull Out

Just to reiterate a point for right-wing theocrats who are determined to see Anthony Weiner pull out of Congress, God may have other ideas. See God got mighty upset with Onan when he hit the road before dumping his load inside of his brother's wife Tamar. Since then the so-called "Sin of Onan" has been that of coitus interruptus, or robbing the booty without doing your duty. Yet now they keep demanding that Weiner pull out. I say he needs to stick with it until the Weiner has done what it came to do. No premature ejections. He needs to take a firm stand on this. He's a Weiner not a pussy-cat. I know he's being dogged by reporters, and he sometimes may feel like he's going to blow his top. But the longer he can last the better. Maybe that's what he's getting therapy for. These kinds of decisions can keep you up all night. But he can't let Pelosi and the DNC shove him around like a piece of meat. They're just trying to play with him and tease hiim and put him back in his cage. Don't fall for it. Don't droop to that level. Slap the table and show them whose in charge.

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