Friday, June 17, 2011

UN resolution supports gay rights.

Tracy Morgan and David Tyree are likely seething with rage now that the UN Human Rights council has passed a resolution calling for equal rights for all people, regardless of sexual orientation. Morgan and Tyree have both recently expressed anti-gay rhetoric, though arguably Morgan was at least attempting to be funny.

This council had previously adopted a statement aimed at "Ending Violence Based on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity", which was widely supported. However, passing this resolution proved more controversial with 23 in favor and 19 opposed and three abstaining. Perhaps if right-wing ideologues had control over the US delegation at the UN, as they did in the days of Bush and Bolton, then the US would have been forced to vote against, rather than for this resolution.

Make no mistake. Fanatic religion is the fuel that fires opposition to gay-rights. Opponents, like Tyree, as discussed yesterday, often attempt to couch objections in other terms. This was true in the early days of the Civil Rights movement in the US as well. States with Jim Crow laws that discriminated against African Americans protested that their sovereign state rights were being violated when they were forced to integrate schools. Of course, as the slogan goes, your rights always stop where the other guy's nose begins, and the "right to deny rights to unpopular minorities" has never been a legitimate right. It has to be forbidden, specious "sovereignty" arguments to one side, or democratic governance cannot long endure. Otherwise the mob prevails and we are divided and conquered by our differences, rather than united by our common humanity.

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