Monday, October 29, 2012

Renewable energy would have kept lights on in NYC

Opponents of renewable energy, including Mitt Romney and the Teabagger lunatics he calls his "base", often look like bigger idiots than normal when power goes out, due to various natural disasters.  That is because systems like rooftop solar panels, especially with battery backup, can keep the lights on for those users while the centralized power consumers are plunged into darkness.  Those who have electric cars can potentially even draw power from their cars, which act as giant batteries, and get even more emergency power.  Meanwhile, those who rely on coal-fired power plants to supply them electricity for heating get to enjoy the cold and the dark.

Romney's Mormon Canned Food Obsession

As Hurricane Sandy bears down on the East Coast, Mitt Romney is touting the useless idea that people should be collecting and donating canned food to give to organizations like the Red Cross to help with relief.  This is largely to deflect from Mitt's previously stated position to abolish federal disaster relief acencies like FEMA and his suggestion that the aid given to Katrina victims was "immoral".  The problem is that the Red Cross, among other relief agencies, has already said that they don't want canned food and can't use it.  They can't store it and it is difficult to transport or distribute from place to place.  Also, some of the canned food may already be expired and can do more harm than good, if one is not careful.

But none of this deters Romney, probably because, as a Mormon, they have an obsession with stockpiling huge amounts of canned food, which they believe will help them survive Armageddon.  Of course, the reality is that, in a real crisis, people would probably just shoot the smug little Mormons for their canned food and then it would do no them good anyway.  It's just a scam run by the Mormon church, which tells members that they need to keep a multi-year supply because it creates the illusion that this makes them more prepared than the rest of the populace.

In any event, Sandy might linger for a couple days at most, and many things, such as fruits and vegetables can easily keep for a few days, even without refrigeration.  Besides canned food is NASTY and usually unhealthy, with tons of salt and preservatives, and that is basically why nobody wants to eat the crap, even in an emergency.  It is why many food banks and shelters can't give it away, even to homeless people.  It is why only dimwit Mormons like Romney think that it's the simple-minded quick fix for dealing with any emergency, even though it would really do nothing of any significance to help out.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

If Obama is "wrong kind of christian", Mitt isn't a Christian at all

Obama's more liberal and progressive faith, represented by membership in the United Church of Christ, might be less traditional than some, but it is nothing nearly as radical as the non-Christian religion known as Mormonism.  Mormon's don't even believe that Jesus is God incarnate, or the only son of God.  They instead believe that he is a "spirit child" of Elohim, but that there were billions of other "spirit children" of this god, including Lucifer.  Imagine the unroar in conservative circles if Barrack Obama said that he thought Jesus and Lucifer were bros?  Yet rightwingers cling to Romney like a false messiah, perhaps because that is exactly what he is.  They have abandoned any pretense that they are anything other than Satan worshippers in disguise.

Flippin Mitt is Full of Shitt

Oh, I know there was great outrage when Obama said what everyone else already thinks, that Flippin' Mitt is a total BSer, which is about like observing that the sky tends to be blue.  However, for those of us who have been tracking this phenomena for far longer than Obama, we have a special term for Mitt's BS.  It is dubbed Mitt Shitt, which is a special substance that is so rank and fetid that merely calling it bullsh*t is like calling the late Kim Jong Il "slightly eccentric".  Let's get real.  Mitt has taken the concept of bullsh1t artistry to an industrial scale.  He could spray coat the QE2 in five minutes flat with it.  His latest, of course is his flip flop trying to imply that he would support subsidies for wind power in Iowa,, where he is sucking hard in the polls.  Of course, in classic Mitt fashion, he doesn't actually say that he would support wind power, but he wants you think that he does, since he is saying it in Iowa where they have a lot of it, and are voting against him due to his backstabbing of former Republican allies like Grassley, who want to support the wind industry that Iowa has created.  

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Obama the best hope for it and weep

If you care about science and specifically about the US continuing to lead and innovate in science, then you should vote for Barrack Obama, says Johns Hopkins medical researcher Andy Feinberg.  The article also notes that they attempted to contact the Romney/Ryan campaign for a counter-balanced view, but they refused to comment.  That should tell you something about how much Romney and Ryan care about science.  Ryan in particular has proposed massive cuts to the NIH and other government supported scientific research programs.   Obama has proposed increasing government-supported scientific research to 3% of GDP, which  would build and beef up our long tradition of supporting basic research.  The president has also used reality-based information when dealing with issues such as renewable energy development, climate change, and a host of other politically contentious, scientific hotcakes.  A Romney/Ryan administration would return us to the days of witch hunts against climate scientists, revisions of their reports, and perhaps another ban on government support for embryonic stem cell research, given Ryan's professed belief that a single-celled organism deserves the same rights as a fully-developed human being.  The Bush era limitations on stem cell research allowed many other countries to advance far beyond the US in this crucial area, and future cuts or bans would probably be the death knell of American leadership in science, in general.

God Wills The Rape And the Pregnancy Mourdock Says

Richard Mourdock, by proclaiming that pregnancies from rape are "something that God intended to happen" is saying that God willled the rape as well as the pregnancy.  This is ought to offend religious people, though all the religious nutjobs are rallying to Mourdock, prinicpally because they appear to be too dumb to understand what he said.  It highlights their ignorant lack of understand of their professed religious beliefs and their insincerity in general.  It also proves, once and for all, that anti-abortionists are trying to force religion on other people through the legal system.  Mourdock thinks its God's will that the woman was raped, and he will make sure that the legal system forces her to follow what he believes is God's will.  Osama bin Laden would have been proud of that theocratic viewpoint, though he preferred forcing Islam on people, whereas Mourdock prefers snake-handling, back-woods, bible thumping.

But as theologians are quick to point out, this puts God on the hook for evil. He should have said that the rape was God's punishment for the woman being an evil little slut, or something.  That would have allowed him to blame the victim, who probably had it coming anyway, because she was wearing lipstick or something.  But apparently Mourdock isn't even smart enough to do that, and that's why he is too dumb to deserve to be a senator.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Binder of women is clear discrimination

It is no surprise that there are so few female executives at Bain Capital.  After all, they probably have difficulty running home and cooking dinner and vacuuming the house between meetings, even if Mitt, out of the goodness of his heart, gives them a hall pass to run home so they can do their "womanly duties".

We now know, due to Mitt's inadvertent confession of having "binders full of women", that he keeps separate and unequal lists of job applicants, selected by gender.  This, in itself would skate right on the edge of sexual discrimination.  But what pushes it over the line is that Mitt is clearly saying that he not only had people compile this for him, but that he used these lists to select candidates, instead of interviewing the most qualified people, regardless of gender, and hiring the most qualified people, even if those person's happened to lack a trouser snake.

Why aren't right-wingers screaming about Mitt practicing "reverse discrimination", not to mention "affirmative action"?  Right wingers, like our ever inarticulate former President FlubDub, have complained about how there shouldn't be "quotas" of different types of people that one is forced to hire.  Yet, it sounds like this is precisely the purpose that Romney had for his "binders full of women".   Naturally, there is no outrage from right-wingers, because he is a Republican.

One shudders to think of what hysterical wailing and gnashing of teeth would have instantly ensued in the right-wing media if Obama had admitted to something this stupid and ridiculous.

Escape Mitt's Binder. Vote Obama.

Why the hell does Mitt need a BINDER full of persons all pre-selected on the criteria of *not having dingalings* so that he can occasionally hire one of them?  Most companies have mandatory, yearly training on avoiding sexual harassment and sexual discrimination. It sounds to me though, like big shot Mitt has never had to take any of those.  Those are only for the peons and underlings that serve him.   However, in the real world, for a person to admit that he has a separate binder of hoochie-mamas that he occasionally opens up, when they can't find a man to do the job would surely be something that sexual harassment training would instruct management to avoid.  It sounds, therefore, like Mitt very clearly has separate and unequal views men and women, when it comes to hiring.  In short, it appears that Mitt tipped his hand a bit too much the other day, and basically admitted that he has engaged in overt discrimination, based upon gender.

That is, if he only looked at a "binder" full of women to fill a position then he even engaged in *reverse discrimination* which right-wingers scream about all the time, by refusing to consider male candidates.  Presumably he did not go to male advocacy groups like NO MAAM, with local chapters meeting down at the "nudie bar", to build "binders of men".

That would, after all be *kind of gay* and we know that Mitt believes it is his religious duty to stick it in as many women as he can.  Unfortunately, Mormons cannot legally have more than one "official" wife, but they can have as many "girlfriends" and corporate "sex workers" as they can afford.

Romney's Binders of Bimbos for his Harem

Welcome to the 19th century, ladies.  That's what you will get by voting for Romney.  See Romney is incapable of just hiring a highly qualified person who happens to be female, without even considering that person's gender.  Instead, he needs people to go through and construct BINDERS of WOMEN so that he can leaf these books of NON-MEN, who have the temerity to actually WANT A JOB.  He can then say, "Ooh, that one looks pretty.  I think we'll hire her.  I bet she'd make great coffee and give good BJs too!".  Or better yet, Romney can take all the pictures down to the Mormon Temple and pray over them, and imagine that all of them were his wives.  

Hint to Romney:  You are not supposed to be building your harem.  You are supposed to be hiring people to do work.  Why should you need to have groups pre-select and pre-qualify "multiple "binders" of people, based upon the criteria that they all have vaginas, and then consider "hiring" them to make the "femiNAZIs" happy, as Rush Limbaugh would surely put it.  I know that Feminism is a *terrible* thing if you are a right-winger.  It is, after all, "The RADICAL notion that women are PEOPLE", as the most hated feminist in public office today, Hillary Clinton, famously quipped.  

Mitt also noted that he understand that womenfolk need to have "flexible" schedules so that they can work their butts off for him all day long and then run home and "cook dinner".  It sure is refreshing to know that, out of the goodness of Mitt's inky, black heart, that he will ALLOW women the flexibility to both work a full-time job and then go home and do all the housework, cook the meals, and raise the kids too.  That is pretty WHITE MALE of him, isn't it?!  It sounds like Mitt has never volunteered to cook dinner at his place.  They would probably drum him out of the Mormon church, and the heterosexual man-club for an offense of that magnitude.  

I can just imagine how the interview with Mitt and his Binder women went:

Mitt:  "Hey baby, you wanna work 'under' me?
Binder woman:  "I am highly qualified and have a law degree so *yes* I would like to work *for* this                   company.  
Mitt:  "Oh yeah, what does your husband thing about that, sweetie pie?"
Binder woman:  "I haven't consulted with my husband yet, since this is a preliminary interview".
Mitt:  "But how are you going to make time to run home and cook him dinner and take care of the kids?"
Binder woman: "My husband is a chef and he has a *flexible* schedule."
Mitt:  "I'm sorry, but we're not comfortable with your *kind* here, Mrs. bra-burner.  NEXT!"

Friday, October 12, 2012

666 Antichrist Paul Ryan Waffles on Abortion

Mr. 666 Paul Ryan had to try to pretend that he cares about human life in the Vice Presidential debate, but had to defend formerly pro-choice Mitt Romney who now wants to go against the GOP party platform and allow abortion in the case of rape or to protect the life of the mother.  Now Romney has even gone one better by promising that he doesn't intend to pass any legislation to limit abortion.  Gee, tell that to Paul Ryan who has sponsored 38 anti-abortion bills, including one with Todd Akin that tried to exclude certain types of rape as an exception under which abortion would be permissible.  Of course Ryan wants to outlaw abortion so that his demonic armies of the antichrist can be born through forced impregnations, and they can begin the final battle.  

Furthermore, critics are certainly correct that the rape exception is a loophole big enough to drive an oil tanker through.  All a women would have to say is, "I was raped by some unknown guy.  Now where's my abortion?"  If one says that abortion is A-OK to protect the life of the mother, then it becomes a judgment call on the part of the doctor, because all pregnancies carry some risk of death to the mother.  Furthermore, Once one starts with exceptions it is likely that ever more exceptions will be found.  Why not allow abortion for severe birth defects. There might as well not be a ban...oh wait a minute, there isn't one's been perfectly legal for 40 years and Republicans have failed to do anything to significantly curtail it.  Even now, Romney is afraid to take a hard anti-abortion position because his polling numbers tell him that it will probably cost him the election.  So all we are left with is Mr. 666 making empty promises and compromising principles that he doesn't believe in anyway.  

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Multiple Choice Mitt Debates Self on Abortion

Mitt has recently been trying to comb his hair more like Reagan, believing that perhaps people will confuse him for the latter.  But if the Gipper were around today, (aside from being extremely old) he would probably say to Mitt, "There you go again".  See Mitt is flip flopping on abortion yet again.  He is saying that he still believes abortion is murder and all, but he wouldn't seek to pass any laws about it, if he were elected president.  The reason Ted Kennedy labelled Mitt "multiple-choice" on abortion is because he has always tried to be on both sides of the issue. When Mitt ran a losing Senatorial campaign against Kennedy, Romney claimed that he was "pro-choice", because "his mother was pro-choice".  But then, when he wanted to run for Governor that wouldn't fly with the GOP, so he decided that he didn't give a rat's a$$ what his mother thought, and declared that he was "pro-life".
But we didn't expect him to hold that position for long, especially with the polls showing that the GOP "War on Women" has been an epic fail.  So Mitt started up his Outsourced Mexican Flip Flop Factory again, and churned out his latest compromise.  He's pro-life, but he promises not to act like it, as long as you vote for him.  I wonder how long he's gonna hold this position.  Probably about as long as it takes a pair of dollar store flip flops to wear out.  In other words, about five minutes.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Big Bird Endorses Obama, Flip Mitt "the Bird"

Grouchy Mitt Romney, in addition to be a marathon liar, just like his running mate, also apparently hates little children so much that he wants to OUTSOURCE BIG BIRD.  What kind of a monster does that.  Apparently the same kind of monster who outsources thousands of American jobs to India, China & Mexico.  Big bird has responded in kind by flipping Mitt "the Bird" and endorsing Obama.  It is ridiculous to think that the paltry amounts of money that PBS gets have any significance to the National debt.  This is less than a single grain of sand in a Sahara Desert of debt, mainly created by Republicans like George W. Bush, who massively cut taxes, but did not cut spending.

Virtually every major country in the world has their own national broadcasting company.  Getting rid of ours in the US would therefore be as mindless as it is unnecessary.  It would accomplish nothing other than to embarrass the US, and to deny education to children and information to adults.  Perhaps that is really what Republicans want.  To turn everyone into low information voters like them.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Free Contraception Reduces abortion 71%

This result has actually long been known in Europe where they already have free or subsidized health care, but it should also be obvious to anyone with a brain, which automatically excludes right-wing religious zealots, that increasing the amount of free contraception will dramatically decrease abortions.  Now a new study conducted with almost 10,000 women in St. Louis is showing that they have a 75% lower rate of abortions when they have access to free contraception under public health care plans like that just passed under the Affordable Care Act, popularly known as Obamacare.  This points to the absolute lie at the center of the Pro-lie movement, which is the ridiculous assertion that these religious fanatics actually care about babies.  Indeed, if they cared about ending abortions, this would be far more effective than anything that they have managed to do so far.  Yet, it is guaranteed that they will oppose such a solution, just as they have already vehemently opposed Obamacare so far, despite the fact that it does more to reduce abortions than their entire lunatic movement has in the last 40 years.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Romney Calls for Tax Break, after mocking 47% for not paying taxes

In the on-going debate between Romney and himself, the left side of Romney's mouth has now declared that we need a massive new tax break of $17,000/person, even though the right side of his mouth just got done saying that 47% of people are deadbeats for not paying any federal income tax.  Of course, the main reason so many people pay so little income tax is because of George Bush's massive tax cuts, which single-handedly squandered the surplus built up under Clinton, while added trillions to the deficit.  Naturally, Romney wants us to ignore how he is going to pay for this massive tax break bribery in exchange for votes, which has been the standard operating procedure for Republicans for the past couple decades.  The only problem, is that the GOP only recently rediscovered the fact that the nation is massively in debt, largely due to their policies of cutting taxes while not cutting spending.  They often tried to label Democrats as "Tax and Spend", but their own policy of "Tax and Borrow at high interest rates" is far more financially destructive.