Friday, October 14, 2011

Herman Cain 999 and the Blasphemy of GodFather's Pizza

Herman "The Beast" Cain has effected an almost supernatural, come from behind surge in the GOP polls, with the adoption of his Satanic 999 Plan, that he wants to stamp on the hands and foreheads of anyone who votes for him.  Of course it is just a thinly veiled version of 666, turned on its head so that right wingers will be too dumb to see it.  Most of them aren't exactly the sharpest tacks, but even a few of them have started to catch on to something as obvious as this.  Revelation 13:1 says of the AntiChrist, "upon his head is the name of blasphemy".  Think about it.  He was the "head" (CEO) of GodFather's Pizza.  Could it not be considered blasphemy to use the name of God the Father together with selling Pizza?  Decide that one for yourself.

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