Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Can't Be The "Devil's Birthday" because the devil wasn't BORN!

I just want to emphasize this point because fanatic Christian M0r*ns insist that Halloween is the "Devil's Birthday".  I would like to know who told them this?  Where in the Bible does it say that October 31st is the birthday of Satan.  Well, nowhere, of course. The Bible only has a handful of references to haSatan (the adversary), and none of them even come close to indicating that the "Devil" was born at all, much less a particular date.  Furthermore, standard, extra-biblical tradition holds that Satan is a rebellious, fallen Angel.  According to most Judeo-Christians, Angels are not born at all.  They are created beings, just like Adam was created, rather than being born.  Therefore it is a LIE and an incredibly STUPID LIE at that, that Halloween is the Devil's Birthday.  It's perhaps the "silliest lie every told", since it's so easy to see that it's false.

As I noted already, if the Devil has a birthday, then this means that the Devil has a mother and a father.  So who are these individuals?  Why have we never heard specific names associated with them?  Wouldn't that be one case where abortion would have been truly justified, by the way?  How about that one, Right-to-Liars?  Oh, and how could God not see that one coming?  Surely he would have wanted to stop that little process and avoid all this hassle.

If angels have birthdays then, all-of-a-sudden, this opens up a whole bunch of new cans of worms.  For example, when are all these birthdays?  Wouldn't Christians presumably want to celebrate the birthdays of good angels, such as the Archangel Michael or Gabriel?  Who are their mothers and fathers?  In fact, what are their definite ages.  If they have a specific birthday then they have an age.  And what astrological sign does that make them?  Astrology is actually endorsed in the Bible, BTW, at least in the case of the Christ child.  Hasn't somebody received a "revelation" on this in the same way that someone must have had a "revelation" about the "Devil's Birthday"?

In any event, how many candles do they put on Lucifer's cake this year, and how do they get the candles to stop from melting in Hell.  It's just so darned confusing once you go down the path of believing mythical nonsense.

Wouldn't it be easier to believe that the Devil is just a symbolic personification of evil, instead of a real entity.  Isn't that easier to believe that there is this extremely busy, invisible man running around responsible for every misdeed of billions of people every single day?  So how can a concept have a "birthday" anyway?  If god existed for all time and he had a concept of what good is then, necessarily he also had a concept of what the opposite was, also for all time.  So evil does not need a birthday, nor does it need a physical being to be responsible for all the evil acts that may occur.

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