Sunday, October 16, 2011

CNN asks Evangelical Mohler if Evangelicals are "dangerous"

R. Albert Mohler is famous for his ignorant statements, such as when he told Jewish Congressman Weiner that "atonement  is found only in Jesus Christ", seemingly oblivious to Jewish observances such as the Day of Atonement, otherwise known as Yom Kippur.  Now CNN is giving this sloppy thinker a preaching platform by asking him, as an evangelical Christian, to write an opinion piece called, "Are Evangelicals Dangerous?"  Gee I wonder what he will say.  He starts with the typical spoiled brat whining that almost all fanatic Christians indulge in because of an utter inability to tolerate the slightest criticism or admit the tiniest of errors.

His first target is to attack those who criticize the lunatic extremism of Michele Bachmann, whose "clinic" performs pseudoscientific  "deGAYification" therapy, as but one example of her extremism.  He complains that she is being criticized for having a "worldview", but, in his typically shallow fashion, he fails to understand that the problem is not simply that she has a "Christian worldview" but that it is an EXTREME and archaic worldview, cultivated at cultish "Bible Colleges", that even many mainstream Christians reject.

Fresh from that utterly inane and failed defense, he next springs to defending Rick Perry's ignorant rejection of Evolution, contrasting him with Cambridge Biology Professor Richard Dawkins who makes equally vehement assertions that evolution is a fact.  Of course the false equivalence between an ignorant, pandering pol like Perry, with no expertise on the subject, and a world-renowned science writer and researcher like Dawkins, who had written many scholarly books examining the evidence for evolution,  is laughably absurd.  Mohler wants you to think that the two "opinions" should be given equal weight, when Dawkins is the biology expert and Perry has a kindergarten level of command of the science.

He finally tries to clench it by complaining that Penn Jillette was given a forum in the LA Times to write about his atheistic views.  I suspect that was part of his sales pitch to get CNN to give him equal and opposite time.  However, asking him to write an opinion piece about whether evangelicals are dangerous is about, as the metaphor goes, like asking two foxes and a chicken to vote on what's for dinner.

At that point he just starts a preaching tirade about how single-celled organisms, like a zygote, should be given the same rights as fully-grown human beings, because they are "made in the image of God", and other such stupidity.  He ignores the real evidence about evangelicals, including Bachmann, Angle, Robertson, Eric Rudolph, Randall Terry, the Hutaree Militia, etc who have called for violence and the imposition of theocracy, and asks us to believe his unevidenced assertion that evangelicals don't want theocracy.

Sorry, but I don't buy it.  Just because Mohler is too much of a puss to engage in a fist fight doesn't mean that the lunatic fringe in the churches, who murder abortion doctors, and try to intimidate all non-Christians into silence are not a threat.  Your case was very poorly made, sir, just like your case for Christianity, in general.

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