Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Herman 999 Cain Moronically Claims Liberal Court Killed Jesus

Herman Cain's 999 Plan really reads 666 because CAIN has his head up his A$$ and that's what it looks like to him.  More proof of this is his utterly moronic and blasphemous revisionism of history as when he wrote in Redstate.com that a " liberal court found [Jesus] guilty of false offences [sic] and sentenced Him to death".  Apparently, this certifiable retard, Herman Cain, has forgotten that LIBERALS OPPOSE CAPITAL PUNISHMENT.  Conservatives SUPPORT CAPITAL PUNISHMENT.  So a LIBERAL COURT would not IMPOSE THE DEATH PENALTY.  A CONSERVATIVE court would SENTENCE JESUS TO CRUCIFIXION for blasphemy.  Liberals would have considered CRUCIFIXION as CRUEL AND/OR UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT and they support freedom of speech and freedom of religion, so they would not have considered blasphemy even against the law.  A Liberal court would have had Jesus out on parole in five minutes.

Cain then continued to demolish his ridiculous case by noting that Jesus, "was not read any Miranda Rights".  A liberal court would have THROWN OUT THE CHARGES.  A conservative court would not care if Jesus was beaten and tortured.  Cain then notes that Jesus "didn’t have a lawyer".  Again, this would have been a violation of Miranda and would have been GROUNDS FOR ACQUITTAL in a LIBERAL COURT.  In a conservative court they would have said, if you're "not rich, blame yourself" for not being able to afford a laywer.  In fact, that's also a direct quote from a total dumbf**k conservative named HERMAN CAIN.  A liberal court would have appointed him a public defender.

Cain's article mercilessly makes a fool of himself on every level, and is extremely blasphemous.  He claims, for example, that Jesus "was unemployed".  However, in reality Jesus was working hard every day as a preacher and a healer of the sick.  That is not being "unemployed".  He claims that Jesus helped the poor "without one government program", but actually Jesus was a member of the BIGGEST GOVERNMENT IN THE UNIVERSE called the KINGDOM OF GOD.  How is a KINGDOM not a government?  In fact, He was the head of that government and used His influence to get His Father to multiply fish and loaves and to give people free government health care without having to pay for it, like CONSERVATIVES DEMAND.

Jesus spoke very disapprovingly of the rich, saying, "it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God" (Mt 19:24).  Cain says that poor people are just lazy and jealous.  Since when did Jesus teach that you should never help poor people because they are just lazy and jealous.

Cain thinks Jesus was a "perfect conservative".  However, I don't recall Jesus preaching that you should carry firearms and retaliate instantly if anyone offended you.  In fact, Jesus was very much for "sword control".  For example, when he was being arrested Simon Peter drew a sword and cut off the ear of the servant of the High Priest.  Did Jesus say, "Yeehaw, boy, get 'er done! Go kill all those mofos trying to arrest me!"  No, not exactly.  Not even close.  That's what a conservative like Cain would have said.  Instead he bitterly rebuked Simon Peter saying "Put your sword back in its place", and that "all who draw the sword will die by the sword".  He then healed the ear of the servant of the High Priest.  Contrary to popular belief and revisionism Jesus was not a fan of violence or armed rebellion.  He taught pacifism and loving your enemy.  That's what those peacenik, pinko, liberals believe in.  Sorry Cain, but you are a false prophet preaching a false christ as Mk 13:21 warned about.  This is yet more evidence that HERMAN CAIN IS THE ANTICHRIST.

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