Saturday, October 29, 2011

Herman 999 Cain has Devil Horns. See The Photographic Evidence.

Here is a picture of Cain in Iowa.

WTF is that THING on the side of his head toward the back?  Also, it looks like there is something coming curved coming out of it.  Now maybe he just effed up in shaving, or perhaps it is simply the scar left by his most recent lobotomy.  However, since Halloween is almost upon us, I dare say that it also looks like it is in exactly the right spot for it to be a DEVIL HORN.  Sheesh, some guys have all the luck.  Cain doesn't even have to buy a mask or costume for Halloween, because he's scary looking enough all by himself.  Perhaps they forgot to send this photo through the airbrushing and photoshopping process and the camera was a little bit too Candid about this this Candidate.  It would appear that this is MORE EVIDENCE that Herman Cain is the Antichrist.  At least it's more evidence than most people have had so far when they have made similar claims about virtually every major leader for the past few centuries.  Not that I think that Herman Cain is going to get that far, but he certainly is frightening enough to make people want to throw candy at him to get him to go away.

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