Monday, October 17, 2011

666 Antichrist Cain Wants to Build Electric Fence To Enslave America

Herman 666 Cain  is now claiming he was joking when he suggested that we should build an electric fence on the border to control immigration.  Of course, any fence that keeps people OUT also locks them IN, which might be the actual reason he favors such a fence, since Cain doesn't want us fleeing to Mexico when he reveals himself as the Antichrist.   Just like the previous Evil Empire, the Soviet Union, Cain seems to want to build an electrified version of the Iron Curtain to control the American populace. I also suspect that, if one looked carefully at the chain link pattern on that fence that touching it would brand 666 onto the skin of anyone who came into contact with it.  I suspect that Cain would like to restart slavery, but this time for all Americans.  Why else would he be planning this sort of prison state, big government, big brother scheme. 

Naturally, such a fence is moronic, especially with constant news of smugglers tunnelling under existing fences.  Electric fences are very old and very bad technology.  It would certainly fry a lot of tumbleweeds and jack rabbits, etc.  However, it is unlikely that it would present much obstruction to a human who understands how to use an insulated fiberglass ladder to cross it harmlessly, or how to use an electrical conductor to short it out.  The reason these things are not widespread is because they don't work. 

So now Cain says he was just joking.  Apparently he thinks that his race makes him immune from charges of racism when joking about other minorities, like Mexican Americans.  Perhaps what he is really afraid of is that Mexican immigrants tend to be highly religious, and therefore, as Satan incarnate, he wants to keep as many of them out as possible, by any means necessary. 

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