Thursday, October 13, 2011

999 Anti-Christ Cain Tied with Plastic Haired Mormon Romney

Republicans voters are on the horns (literally) of a dilemma.  Cain and Romney are tied., according to the latest poll.  Who will they vote for, someone who trots out his Satanic Mark of the Beast 999 tax plan, or a plastic haired Mormon who believes that God lives on the planet Kolob and probably has a secret harem larger than Warren Jeffs?  One wonders what the fundamentalist Christians must be thinking when Rick Perry, the only actual "washed in the blood" Bible (il)Literalist of the bunch, is only polling at 9%.  If this is not proof that Republicans would sell their souls (again literally) because of their hatred of Obama then what is?  Imagine if Barack Obama had trotted out a plan like the 666 Universal Healthcare Plan?  I doubt that would put him at the top of GOP polls like it has with Cain.

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