Friday, October 14, 2011

More Evidence that Cain is the Antichrist from Medieval Art

It's interesting that, since Herman Cain has come out with his 999 plan, only a tiny number of Christians seem to be concerned about this being the Mark of the Beast.  It's also interesting, that historically, Satan and the Antichrist have been depicted in Medieval Christian art with a dark or black complexion.  Of course, this was used against Obama, but it seems to apply more aptly to Cain, since he is the one using a variant of 666 in his central campaign pledge.  Republican were absolutely convinced that Obama was the Antichrist on the basis of complexion alone.  Yet they are falling all over themselves to embrace Herman Cain who far better matches descriptions of the Antichrist with his arrogant, blasphemous speech and his unshakable faith in money, rather than God, as the savior of Mankind.

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