Thursday, October 13, 2011

85th Wife of Warren Jeffs Escapes FLDS Cult Compound. Romney has no comment.

An unnamed 25-year-old woman, who is reportedly one of 85 wives of convicted child molester Warren Jeffs, has escaped from an isolated Arizona compound run by the Fundamentalist LDS (uberMormon) church and is now in Phoenix.   Jeffs, you may recall, was in a coma from a three-day hunger strike in prison, where he is serving a life sentence.  However, unfortunately, Jeffs has reportedly recovered from his hunger strike after several weeks in the hospital and therefore, most regrettably, is still be housed at taxpayer expense.

Apparently, even a cult which brainwashes women since birth and blackmails them with family pressure, cannot convince all 85 of these women to remain part of Jeffs harem.  The notion that 85 separate women would want to each have a 1/85th share of a husband, no matter how good he might be is laughable.  If one adds the extremely meager physical and mental qualities that Jeffs possesses into the mix then it is clear that these women are virtual slaves.  However, many of them are imprisoned mentally perhaps even more than they are imprisoned physically and through social control.   Mental prisons are sometimes the most difficult from which to escape, though apparently this one woman has managed to do so and is undergoing counseling.

GOP front-runner Mitt Romney, also a Mormon, had no comment on whether he would be choosing Jeffs as a potential running mate.  Naturally, Romney, like many Mormons today, claim to belong to a sanitized version of the Mormon church which does not OFFICIALLY allow multiple marriages (wink, wink, nudge, nudge).  If Mitt were to become president, perhaps this woman could become the 85th First Lady.  However, one wonders how Mitt would run the country and still have time for his 85 wives.  One wonders how any many could have time to do anything with 85 women to please.  One is often hard enough.

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