Wednesday, October 5, 2011

iDied. Steve Jobs process has been deleted.

The Steve Jobs job has been deleted from the server.  At 56 years of age, Apple's iconic CEO and front man has finally let his battery run out of juice.  To some a hero and villain (at the same time), a visionary and task master, he has certainly left his indelible print on the computer world from the Apple II on up to the newly released iPhone 4S.
Now Steve can finally find out if all that eastern mysticism and "spiritual" mumbo jumbo of his really has anything to it.  I tend to think, like another Steve, with the last name Hawking, that "there is no heaven or afterlife for broken down computers" and likewise, none for broken humans.  Death, like Epicurus argued, is the end, but "fear not death for it is painless".  When it is, you are no more.  There is no you to worry about such things and all your burdens can finally be laid to rest.  So long Steve, and thanks for all the apples.  

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