Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy Halloween MotherBleeper

Evangelical Christians made an enormous production out of the phony claim that there was a "WAR ON CHRISTMAS".  They screamed MERRY CHRISTMAS (motherbleeper) in the face of every Rabbi and Imam they could find.  They were indignant and offended that Jews and Muslims did not celebrate THEIR holiday.  They were even more enraged that atheists didn't acknowledge Christmas, or perhaps practice a secular version of gift giving with no need for the religious component. To them it was a personal attack and an attempt to destroy Christmas if even one person wasn't forced to participate in their holiday.  Shop keepers who said "seasons greetings" or "happy holidays" were loudly confronted and told that they MUST say "Merry Christmas" or they would be labelled a "grinch" (by these Christian grinches aka Crinches) and boycotted.

However, now it appears that EVILgelicals have actually been waging a WAR ON HALLOWEEN, for some time now.  Many fanatic Christians say it is the Devil's holiday, and that they could not possibly partake in such pagan rituals.  Of course Yule logs and trees have always been pagan, but Christians don't seem to mind that about their holiday.

My question is why should fanatic Christians be given any more choice in celebrating Halloween than they give to others when they insist that Jews, Muslims, and all other non-Christians be COMPELLED to acknowledge the ChristMYTH holiday?   Why shouldn't we seek out EVILgelicals and scream into their faces Happy Devil's Holiday (motherbleeper).  Perhaps we should say, "I'll make a SATANIC sacrifice in YOUR honor", just as they do when they say, often say under their breath, "I'll PRAY for YOU, you filthy heathen!" Any salesperson who doesn't say "Happy Halloween" to you at the store should be loudly called out on it and denounced as anti-Halloween, just as extremist Christians did last Christmas.  We should demand a complete refund on all our purchases and proclaim to everyone, "I will never shop at this anti-Halloween establishment again!" On this coming Halloween, let's make sure to TREAT Christians to a healthy dosage of TRICKING, shoving candy down their unwilling throats and demanding that celebrate a very HAPPY HALLOWEEN.

*Note for the mentally impaired.  I am not entirely serious about this.  I am simply illustrating how ridiculously extremist religious people behave. Therefore, if a person did one or two of these things in an ironic fashion, when one knows that a Christian fanatic is present, then it would potentially preempt some of the in-your-face ugliness of fanatic Christianity that is bound to be seen quite sincerely and sanctimoniously practiced by holier-than-thou Christians for the next couple months leading up to ChristMYTH.

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