Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Palin is Bailin on Presidential Run in 2012

Multiple news sources have confirmed that empty-headed, self-obsessed, wannabe religious dictator Sarah Palin will not be running for the GOP nomination for President of the United States in 2012.  She claims that it was after numerous prayer conversations with God that she determined this.  However, it also appears to be after numerous opinion polls showed that she didn't have a chance in hell of obtaining the nomination.  She claims she wants to be with her family, but then instantly disproves her claim by saying that she will be campaigning for other candidates for the House, Senate, and Whitehouse.  If she is still going to be on the campaign trail for all these individuals then this will certainly not give her the kind of quality family time that she, along with every politician, uses as the blanket excuse for dropping out an office or an election.  Your lies make baby Jebus cry, Sarah.  So does your shrill voice.  It makes us all cry.  Oh, and nobody wants your "help" stumping for them anyway, toots.  You're a liability who guaranteed defeat for McCain (though he was losing without her anyway) and you can't even get a nomination from your party anymore.  So the idea that you're some kind of political "kingmaker" is remarkably stupid, even for someone of your low intellectual caliber.    When even the Teabaggers have fallen out of love with you and have stopped ogling your chest topography then you should know it's time to move on.  That was the only real asset you had, but like your reputation, it's starting to sag. 

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