Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Another Cain Sex Abuse Victim, Karen Kraushaar, Goes Public

Yet another of Horny Herman's sexual harassment victims, Karen Kraushaar, has gone public.  The Cain Campaign has already tried to personally smear the first woman, Sharon Bialek, who went public with testimony that Horny Herman virtually tried to rape her in exchange for a job.  They pointed to the fact that Bialek has declared bankruptcy and has worked multiple places in the past 17 years, though this is probably not that different from the hardships that most Americans have endured, while the Herman Cains of the world live high on the hog and try to screw the rest of us, literally.  Unfortunately for Cain this drive by smear was nowhere near what was necessary to make us doubt Bialek's story.  If anything it confirms that Cain knew she was vulnerable and could be easily victimized.

However, unlike Bialek, Kraushaar is a well-respected spokesperson for the US Treasury Department.  Cain is already claimed that Kraushaar's charge was "found to be baseless", but this is belied by the fact that Herman Cain signed a settlement awarding this woman tens of thousands of dollars.  One does not settle baseless cases for tens of thousands of dollars, especially when one has armies of corporate lawyers on retainer.  One only settles such cases if one is afraid that one stands to lose even greater amounts of money, due to the allegations being true.

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