Monday, November 7, 2011

Horn Dog Herman Wants Women To Try His STIMULUS PACKAGE

With four women now alleging that Horn Dog Herman has groped them or sexually harassed them while working for the National Restaurant Association and WARNINGS that MORE ACCUSERS ARE LIKELY TO COME FORWARD, it is becoming clear that the ONLY STIMULUS HERMAN CAIN SUPPORTS involves GROPING THE GENITALS OF HIS SUBORDINATES.

No wonder Cain thought Obama was doing the stimulus wrong.  I'm sure he was saying to himself, "You call THAT a STIMULUS?!  Watch THIS!  You gotta get you hand ALL UP IN THERE."  However, apparently Republican voters just LOVE how Horn Dog Herman Cain stimulates them over and over in 999 different ways.  This seems to confirm what people have long suspected about many Republicans being closet homosexuals.  It also seems to be especially true of his large TEABAGGER based, who pretended to be oblivious to the fact that the name of their movement was slang for something that Herman Cain wanted his secretaries to do to him.  But why does he need his secretaries to do it when there are so many willing teabaggers in the TEABAG movement who are down on their knees and ready to service him?

The fact that they are down on their knees worship this false idol named Herman 999 Cain is more proof that he is the Antichrist.  Cain tries to pass himself off as holy, but is actually only worried about how many holes he squeeze his little Cain into.  No wonder Cain supports a woman's right to choose, since he needs them to be able to abort all the bastard children that he seeks to sire with the Whores of Babylon.  Don't be fooled by Horny Herman's creepy, demonic smirk, or the hair that he is now growing to hide his DEVIL HORNS.  He grows more powerful by the day, and only now, while he is still relatively weak, is there any possibility to defeat him.  If he seizes control of the might of the US government and their military arsenal, then it will truly be too late.  Remember, vote anyone but Cain.

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