Friday, November 18, 2011

Crazy Whitehouse Shooter Oscar Ortega Thinks He's Jesus Christ

Raving nutcase Oscar Ortega, who was arrested after firing an automatic weapon at the Whitehouse, apparently thinks that he is "the modern-day Jesus Christ" who was, "sent here from God to lead the world to Zion".  His primary "ARGUMENT" that he is Jesus Christ is that, "I look like Jesus".  The rest of the non-insane world might wonder, "How the F*CK does he know what Jesus looks like?"  Standard drawings of Jesus are only a guess, and some of the earliest depictions don't look particularly like him.  See the Pantocrator version of Jesus below:

Compare this to Mr. Ortega, who basically just looks like a man with slightly longish hair and a scruffy beard:

He seems to assume that Jesus has brown hair, not black, though this is far from established.  I suggest that he has perhaps watched "the Passion of the Christ" a couple thousand times too many.

In any event, I wonder how religious fanatics will try to spin this latest case of religion-inspired terrorism?  How long will it take for his fellow religious fanatics to claim that he is not a "TRUE CHRISTIAN", or that he is secretly an "atheist".

At the very least they will claim that he is a "false prophet", and on that score I can heartily agree.  After all, if Oscar were really sent by God then surely God would have informed him that Obama was in Hawaii, not the Whitehouse, at the time, and that, in any event, his bullets had absolutely no possibility of penetrating into the Oval Office.  

Besides, it's not particularly clear how this lunatic will achieve "world peace" through shooting at the Whitehouse, or how he plans to "lead the world to Zion" when locked up in jail or a mental ward where he belongs.  

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