Sunday, November 13, 2011

Oscar Occupado Fights Back Against OWS Crackdown

A huge crackdown against OWS occurred this weekend in numerous western cities, such as Portland, Oregon, against protesters camped out in parks and public places like Chapman Square.  I'm sure this authoritarian class warfare of the rich, attempting to crush the protests with violence, is being cheered by the 1%ers everywhere who would have liked to have seen the War on the Poor waged more violently to begin, like the Syrian government does, perhaps.  Maybe they would like to see the National Guard shooting protesters like they did during the Pullman Strike and other organized opposition to the prerogatives of the ultra-wealthy that occurred around the turn of the century.

If you ask a right-wing authoritarian who said, "We then that are strong ought to bear the infirmities of the weak", they would probably tell you that it was some Marxist, Maoist, Commie, Pinko, Socialist, Homosexual.  Well, it's possible that this last charge may have been true.  This is actually a Bible verse spoken by Saint Paul in Romans 15, however, I would not expect self-professed ultra-rightwing fanatics to actually know anything about Christianity, despite their loud and empty claims that they are Christians.

Let me tell you a little fictional story about what could happen if they keep pushing these protesters.  Of course I am not advocating any of this, but only imagining their frustrations.

Once there was a man named Oscar Occupado, who was beat up by cops during the OWS crackdown.   He quickly decided that he needed to protest smarter.  In his journal he wrote about some of his new activities.  He went by the doors of banks at night and squirted superglue in their locks.  He then also squirted liquid nails and silicone caulk in the card slots of the ATMs.  Later he even experimented with battery-powered cold soldering tools to put solder in the locks, especially at places like Bank of America where they foreclose houses only to turn around and bulldoze them.  He even experimented with quick-drying cement.  He made sure to get the front, back and side doors, so that the businesses were closed down all day long.  He scratched "99" into the windows with a razor blade instead of throwing a brick through them, because insurance would pay for a broken window, but not a scratched one.  He even used window etching kits.  What a busy guy Oscar sounds like.

He wrote about going to gas stations at night and cutting long slashes in the hoses of gas pumps.  He gummed up the credit card readers on these pumps too.  He drove by new car lots on his motorcycle with a backpack mounted paint sprayer and sprayed paint all over the new vehicles parked out front.  And there are a million Oscar Occupados who might read his journal and step forward.  They might feel desperate enough to drop handfuls of roofing nails from freeway bridges to cause rush hour and early morning traffic jams.  They might throw a pair of shoes up over electric wires.  Only, instead of shoe strings, these ones would be laced with wires also, and they would be lit on fire, burning the the insulation off the electrical lines and shorting them out.  Some of them would even go to the power substations and toss a couple molatov cocktails.  People would notice that.

That's the kind of thing the protesters could be doing if they weren't just camped in parks singing platitudes and smoking dope.  So, I think that the rich should be counting their blessings that the OWS protesters are not being more aggressive like the fictional scenario proposed above.  Just to note, one more time, I am describing a fictional situation for what a guy like Oscar might do if authoritarians try to get heavy-handed with him.  I would imagine that some of these authoritarians would do well to think twice and three times before getting Oscar mad, because who knows what kinds of havoc he could wreak if he got really angry.

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