Monday, November 28, 2011

Herman Cain Had 13 Year Affair With Atlanta Woman Ginger White

Herman Cain's political fortune is already down the drain, since he has been relegated to 3rd place in Republican primary polls.  Now, yet another woman, Ginger White, is claiming that Cain carried on an affair with her for 13 years. It becomes increasingly absurd and insane to believe that so many women are "lying" about Herman Cain's extra-marital sexcapades.  At first Cain claimed that he was a target because he was the "front-runner".  Now that he is a nobody again, it is doubtful that anyone would even want to target him.  Furthermore, the fact that Cain keeps warning ahead of time that other women may be out there with "false" stories indicates that he knows a little too much about the subject to be an entirely innocent and hapless "victim" here.  Sorry Herman, it just doesn't wash that all these women are targeting you and only you and have been doing so over long periods of time, since you settled sexual harrassment cases in the late 1990's, which is apparently when this affair began as well.  Somebody is certainly lying and it becomes his word against an increasingly long list of credible women. Come on, man!  We understand that you're horny, but did you really think that this would never come out if you tried to run for president?  And teabaggers still take this guy seriously?

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