Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Betting on Day Cain Campaign Will End

The Horny Herman Cain Train has just come off the rails, gone off the bridge, and is plummeting into the canyon below.  The question is, when exactly will it hit the bottom.  I'm guessing that Cain may string people along and continue milking fundraisers for, at most another week or two, before he officially throws in the towel, like he tried to do earlier this year to promote his book.  If Cain doesn't come out today with some real dirt on Sharon Bialek, and just sticks to his standard, head-in-the-sand denialism then his support will continue to fade and when woman number 5 and 6, ... come forward, people will say, "enough is enough".  I think many people already have said that.  The only thing saving him is that he is a Republican, and, as such he has extremely low information voters, like those in the tea party, who are fanatics and are unwilling to admit that they made a mistake in backing him.  They also have internalized hypocrisy and cognitive dissonance as a way of life, and therefore, it doesn't bother them that they called for the resignation of Anthony Weiner for only sending pictures, while they continue to support Cain, even when it's revealed that he is trying to have forceable sex with women in exchange for jobs.  Sorry, but you can stick a pitchfork in Mr. 999, because he's over and done.  He is going down in flames, back to Hell where his father the Devil can plot his return in another thousand years.

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