Friday, November 4, 2011

IRONIC and IDIOTIC Comparison of Herman 999 Cain to Clarence Thomas

It is SOOO completely IDIOTIC, not to mention IRONIC  to compare Herman Cain to Clarence Thomas, as far right-wingers are trying to do.  Horn dog Herman Cain now has three different women claiming that he sexually harassed them, and two of them received fairly sizeable cash settlements for $35,000 and $45,000 respectively.  Horny Herman Cain signed the legal documents himself that awarded these two women the money.  It is not a smear to bring up cases that are a matter of public record.

In Anita Hill's case, she never filed charges against Thomas, nor was she awarded money.  There were no public records that Thomas had signed.  Furthermore, Thomas was CONFIRMED ANYWAY after a 3-day hearing.  So much for Thomas's fantasy that he was the victim of a "high-tech lynching", by a BLACK WOMAN, no less.  BTW, I'm not sure what was "high-tech", in 1991, about a woman testifying before a television camera.  Nor is it clear how the testimony of one woman constituted some "vast left-wing conspiracy" against Thomas.

Also, so much for Clarence Thomas's ludicrous assertion that he was being persecuted like all "uppity blacks who in any way deign to think for themselves".   No, obviously to all but him, Anita Hill was black herself, and her charges had nothing to do with Thomas's blackness, just as the sexual harassment settlements against Cain have nothing to do with his skin color, but rather his penchant for female skin of any color. BTW, if people had it out for "uppity blacks" then the man that Thomas replaced, Thurgood Marshall, certainly would not have made it to the Supreme Court.  Thomas just tried to play the race card, as Cain is doing now, because it's the only card either of them have got. Right-wingers often scream about how "liberals are always playing the race card", but apparently they are blind to it when fellow right-wingers do it right before their eyes.

Furthermore,  EVERYTHING that Anita Hill claimed about Thomas has survived investigation and critical scrutiny.  Not only has nobody been able to refute any of her claims, but new evidence has surfaced that Clarence Thomas was indeed "obsessed with porn" and was constantly ogling women as potential sex partners.  In other words, ANITA HILL WAS TELLING THE TRUTH and they confirmed Thomas anyway.  And he has gone on to be one of the worst, most corrupt, most stupidly uninformed, and incompetent Supreme Court Justices in American history.  Thomas, in fact, prides himself on almost never speaking a single word during a case, and usually just concurs with whatever opinion his right-wing colleagues advance.  He is nothing but a rubber stamp for the far-right-wing.  And he's almost certainly a complete pervo and would probably be a registered sex offender if he were not a Supreme Court Justfeice.

So it's not a good idea for Cain to be comparing himself to Thomas in any respect.  In fact it is richly ironic. The charges against Cain are almost certainly true as well, or Cain would not have signed those settlements with his own hand.  If the cases were "without merit" then he surely would have fought it in court and proven his innocence, instead of settling, especially since it would have been cheaper to go to court, with his army of corporate lawyers, if the charges were really as frivilous as he now claims.  The fact is that he and his lawyers knew that they would probably lose more than $45,000 and $35,000 respectively, if they went to court.  $80,000 was a lot of money to pay, especially in 1999 if the charges against him were entirely baseless.  So, in all likelihood, the charges against Cain are 100% TRUE, just like the charges against THOMAS ARE 100% TRUE.  That's the ONLY REAL comparison in the two cases, that both of these guys are total pervos who are constantly trying to get their female subordinates to sleep with them.   The only other comparison is that Cain is also black and seems to be growing a laurel wreath of hair again in an attempt to make himself look more like Clarence Thomas.

Oh, and of course, the right-wing media is claiming that this is a hit job by the "left-wing media", but Cain himself said it was PERRY WHO LEAKED THIS.  I don't know how RICK PERRY QUALIFIES AS THE LEFT-WING MEDIA.  So the entire defense of Cain so far is 100% moronic and full of laughable ironies, inconsistencies, and failures of elementary logic.

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