Thursday, November 24, 2011

Romney Wants Immigrants Gone This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving commemorates the (illegal) immigration of Pilgrims to the New World.  So, with no sense of irony, the Romney campaign was busy on Thanksgiving Eve, telling illegal immigrants that they need to Get the F*ck Out of the country, right after they finish mowing his lawn.  Yep, before Mitt was against immigrants, his zeig heil, pretzel munching a$$ was exploiting cheap Mexican labor to do his landscaping, despite being a multi-millionaire.  His own family comes from Germany, but they were rich enough to afford the paperwork to come over here and so he has no sympathy for people who weren't born with a silver spoon.  One will recall that the Mormons also were forced to immigrate into territories like Nevada and Utah which were not officially US states.  However, again, he has no sympathy for others who were born less lucky than himself.  

Similarly, in New Mexico, we have an Hispanic Republican governor named Susana Martinez, who ran on taking away drivers licenses from illegal immigrants, despite the fact that her grandparents were illegal immigrants.  Her excuse was "that was a different time".  Indeed it was.  It was a time when people didn't slam the door shut that they themselves came through.  Now we have people like Mitt and Susana making the argument that immigrants take our jobs.  But Arizona passed anti-immigrant laws over a year ago, and new studies show that it has had no effect on wages or employment in the state.  So thanks for nothing, anti-immigrant dip$hits.  Maybe Romney will pick Martinez to be his VP.  That would surely be fitting, and together they would have even less chance of winning than McCain and Palin.  

Perhaps the thing we have to be most thankful for this Thanksgiving is that all these Republican candidates are so weak, gaffe-prone, and unelectable.  When the moribund campaign of Newt Gingrich is outpacing the hugely expensive Romney campaign, and Herman Cain has fallen back to insignificance, it is gratifying to know that none of these jokers have a chance of actually being elected president and implementing their half-witted agendas.    

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