Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christopath Anders "Little Limbaugh" Brevik Ruled Insane

The Rush Limbaugh of Norway, mass-murdering Christopath Anders Brevik, has been declared mentally incompetent.  Here we thought he was just incredibly stupid to the point that he sounded crazy, since a judged had ruled earlier that the fact that Brevik was a moron did not make him automatically insane.   But apparently when stupidity gets to a certain level, as in Brevik's case, psychiatrists declare it to be pathological.  Too bad no psychiatrists have evaluated Rush Limbaugh.  He has the same delusions of grandeur, and his hate-filled ravings against "Marxists" make just as little sense as Brevik's did.  However, instead of killing people with his own hands, as Brevik did, Rush Limbaugh is too big a chicken$h1t tub of lard for that, so he only incites other people to carry out his murderous agenda.  If only Limbaugh were in a mental hospital too, perhaps he couldn't inspire people like Jared Loughner, Scott Roeder, and Anders Brevik to act on his behalf.

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