Monday, November 14, 2011

Cain Train WRECKED. Gingrich Rockets Past Horny Herman

A new CNN poll is confirming that Herman Cain has dropped to a dismal, distant THIRD PLACE finish, 8% points behind the otherwise moribund campaign of NEWT (Muppet head) GINGRICH.  Gingrich polled 22% support among Republicans, compared to 24% for Romney and ONLY 14% SUPPORTED CAIN.  Apparently, even low and no-information Republicans are getting the clue that there is no way that Cain can win, and they also want to have a credible alternative to Romney, who will be like poison to fundamentalist Christian voters.  Hilariously, Gingrich has only become a serious consideration after candidates like Cain and Perry TOOK THEMSELVES OUT of the race with their gaffes and personal problems.  Apparently, even the most gullible Republicans do not buy Cain's ridiculous excuses for his abundantly reported sexual misconduct

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