Monday, November 14, 2011

Norway Mass Murderer Anders Breivik NOT Insane, Judge Says

At a hearing in Norway ultra-Christian, right-wing mass-murderer Anders Breivik was found by the judge to be  mentally competent to stand trial.  The fact that his actions, in themselves, appear to be batsh*t crazy is just a consequence of being brainwashed into a crazy, right-wing ideology, apparently.  Remember that this website originally reported on Mr. Breivik and pointed out that he is simply taking seriously the crazy, far-right propaganda that other self-professed ultra-conservatives only talk about.  In this sense, we noted that he is simply a younger, less obese, less chicken$h1t version of Rush Limbaugh who actually has the courage to act on his ludicrous beliefs.  That is not to say that we applaud him for that.  The world would certainly be better off if he were not in it and his victims were free to live their lives instead.  Unfortunately Norway does not have a death penalty, though they can hold a prisoner indefinitely who is deemed to be a danger to society.  I have no problem executing a clearly guilty mass-murderer who is a danger to society.  However, I suspect that Breivik will not survive long in prison anyway, even in Norway.

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