Thursday, November 17, 2011

Authoritarians Whack OWS Hornet's Nest And Create Mass Protests

The "public safety" canard was used to beat up some OWS protesters and tear down their tents in a few city parks this week. Just as I predicted, this was about as smart as whacking a hornet's nest. Now they have provoked mass action, all across the country today.  

 OWS protesters were basically harmless, freezing in their little tents, with their messages mocked or totally blacked out by the corporate media.  However, once you evict them from the parks they have to go somewhere, and now they're louder and madder than before.  Now, right around Thanksgiving, you have the potential for them to disrupt things, and get fresh attention, as well as fresh sympathy.  

Of course, what authoritarians seem to be hoping for is that they will eventually provoke enough confrontations so that they can label these protesters as "violent", despite the fact that they are the ones using all the violence.  Then the police will claim that they are the victims who keep getting stung, just because they keep whacking the hornet's nest.  

The key thing for Oscar Occupado to remember is that rich people value property more than people.  Corporations are not people and if property should get accidentally damaged, that is not the same as violence against people.  Enough said Occupados.  Get out there and make a difference.  

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