Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mississippi MissConception Effort Fails

If you're part of the failed minority of voters in Mississippi who  are under the misconception that "life BEGINS at conception" is anything other than an empty, mindless slogan then let me explain why your latest political stunt failed.  I am referring to constitutional amendment 26 which asked voters to declare that a fertilized egg should be treated just the same as a fully-grown human.  Let's follow that so-called "logic".  I would like to suggest a similar proposal, which is that "a $1 billion dollar fortune BEGINS with a penny".  Therefore every penny should, via this "logic", be declared to have a value of 1 billion dollars.  Every building and skyscraper begins with a single brick or piece of lumber.  Therefore we should treat each brick and piece of lumber as being the same as a skyscraper.  In fact, every brick is made out of atoms, and each brick had to BEGIN with a first atom.  So every atom should be treated the same as we would treat a skyscraper, to use Mississippi Misconceptions about the so-called "moment of conception".

I've already addressed many of the other "moments of misconception" surrounding the fictional "moment of conception" in this link, so feel free to shut your pie hole and read these before scribbling inane comments, if that is your plan.  The most common "objection", BTW, consists of pointing out that my analogy is not perfect, in some respect.  However, as I've had to explain to the under-educated repeatedly, analogies are not supposed to be perfect, because, if an analogy WERE PERFECT it would be identical to the original thing, which would not actually produce any new information.  So you'll have to try a little harder than that.

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